#VoxelADay Challenge Wrap-up

By March 16, 2016Blog, Games

In early February 2016 I started feeling like I had spent way too much time away from game development. The holidays had been incredibly hectic, with client projects, family, and Fallout 4 eating all of my spare time. I needed to feel creative.

When I discovered SketchFab it was exactly what I was looking for. I knew I had a lot of voxel work ahead of me for DAWT and I wanted a place to show it to get feedback. I started working on a couple character updates and posted them to SketchFab. After a couple days I realized I was on track to make 30 voxel models in 30 days.

So here I am, well into March and thinking back to what I learned. Along the way I entered the Heroic Voxels contest, created a collection of free game dev assets, and started working with Blender and Qubicle to animate and add transparent elements to my voxel art.

The big things I learned were:

  • Good voxel art takes time… and talent
  • Qubicle is great, but with Blender it’s fantastic
  • I have a lot to learn

I’d like to send a big shout out to the SketchFab team for their help and encouragement. It was a fun month and at the end of February I had 31 different voxel models uploaded. Some of them were actually kind of decent. I’ll leave you with the one I worked the hardest on, my Heroic Voxels entry:

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