Life and Death and Death and Death at Nerd Nite #13

It has been a long time since I was on a stage of any sort. At least 15 years if you don’t count my stints as an MC at a couple of weddings.

On May 8th I was honoured to be a speaker at Edmonton’s Nerd Nite #13. I put a lot of work into it and it paid off, my presentation went over quite well. I used Construct 2 and art assets from the now defunct MMO, Glitch, to create a vibrant and active video game that I played through as part of my presentation.

Now I am thinking about the possibility of doing a voice-over of my presentation and posting it to my YouTube channel. Maybe it’s just because Adam Rozenhart has been seeking internet celebrityhood with his new YouTube series Just Adam Minute(s)¬†and I haven’t done much on my channel lately.

Oh! I almost forgot!

If you want to play around with it, the presentation is also playable on the web. You can mess around with it here: NerdNite13 Presentation

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