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DAWT on Dinner Television

I was asked by City TV’s Dinner TV to come on and chat about virtual reality. It was only a 5 minute interview and it went by WAAAY too fast…

#VoxelADay Challenge Wrap-up

In early February 2016 I started feeling like I had spent way too much time away from game development. The holidays had been incredibly hec…

Microsoft #DevMania – a week of development insanity

Every year for the last couple of years I have taken part in a Microsoft initiative called the Developer MovementĀ (#DevMov). Basically Micro…

I’m tired of asking for money

Disclaimer: Let me start off by saying that the goal of this article, the very essence of it, is to ask you for money. Not for me – but for…

Life and Death and Death and Death at Nerd Nite #13

It has been a long time since I was on a stage of any sort. At least 15 years if you don’t count my stints as an MC at a couple of weddings….

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